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So · you · think · I · need · some · discipline

... its a hard day for breathing again ...

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So I learned atlantic city is not for me. and i reassured myself that i indeed do have anger problems when i am awoken when not wanted to and have a migraine. oh well i dont mind haha. i know im usually kewl other than that hahahaha.

SO yeah went to ac with marissa. went to ballys to meet up with dan, pug, eyal, nikki and michael. marissa and i got breakfast for dinner. watched them gamble. got free drinks. all was well but we were a bit bored . went to tropicana to meet up with other people. it was a totally different crowd. muchyounger at tropicana. there were slutty sluttyslutty girls dancing with all guys . the sun was out inside and we saw girls fall in their heels. i slept on a bathroom floor after gettin aggravated with rob and the heat and toothpaste and shaving cream. i would've found it funnny if i didn't have a migraine the size of puerto rico . and well yeah it was a good time not for me but still good..

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Rilo Kiley: Paint's Peeling
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