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So · you · think · I · need · some · discipline

... if the tempo was lousy it was lost on all but you ...

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i applied to schools in pennsylvania

Millersville and York
i really hope i get accepted. it sucks that i slacked off so bad at the beginning of college. i used to be able to take my choice of schools and now im worried about even gettin in. lamoid. im tryin not to worry to. but i should probably apply to schools in ny as a safety... but i really dont want to. i hate it here lately it sucks major ween.

being up in pa with court i realized how much i like that easy going life and that kinda countryish setting so much better than what i have now. and if i make the wrong decision. my families still here. but i really dont think i would feel that way im not gonna lie. ive even made awesome friends there and it makes me happy that they get me already.

so wish me luck i really need to go to pa... or i dont go to school since i didn' t apply here hahah

but yeah other than that last semestesr of ncc just started. i have the easiest schedule. photoshop with bree, word processing with michelle, physics with stephen (even tho our professor is horrible), piano, and dance.

so i shouldn't have trouble with anything except physics and at least i can put my all into it
and hopefully get what i want

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my bedroom!
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excited excited
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No Joy in Mudville-Death Cab for Cutie-We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes
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