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So · you · think · I · need · some · discipline

... Whats so funny about peace love and understanding? ...

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So as i stated in my facebook i am gonna start writing in here again.

Apparently when i was 18 i was absolutely rediculous and wrote literally every day about literally everything in the world that happened. probably a little too much looking back at it but oh well the past is the past. I think I have grown up A LOT and have changed myself a lot. I have just as much fun but i respect myself a lot more.

well i guess i'll just start off saying marissa and i are still best friends and i moved to pennsylvania for a year started beauty school for skin care and lived with courtney. court and i are still really close but have learned we can not live together for the life of us. i was dating someone named justin pretty much the whole time i was there and once i moved back to new york he wanted nothing to do with me. i guess that is a typical guy for you. ive learned to not give a shit im so used to guys being assholes. well i moved back to new york and shits awesome. working back at the animal hospital and going to start going to beauty school on february 2nd again. i really need to get into shape because i have really become unhappy with my appearance andi dont like feeling so uncomfortable like im always trying to hide myself. other than that tho im happier with myself than i have been in years.

well i guess i'll actually start with a weekend update like i used to have lol

saturday :

marissa's bday party at effin gruven . other than a few mishaps we had a lot of fun. a bit too much to drink and i give my number to psycho paths who call me 1989347 times and i dont pick up the phone for it lol. saw adam who i hadn't seen in a really long time and decided we should chill soon. we got back to her house at like 6 am and acted like retards but it was amazing and funny and woke up spooning and in our freakin undies haha. believe me it is not as bad as that sounds its just funny

sunday :

literally layed in bed all day hung over with maris and acted like retards but it was like one of the funnest days in a while haha. we sat on her computer all day looking at pictures and facebooks and videos of us being idiots. then later on went out for a bit. picked up justin and his friend vayne(spelling?) went to witches brew the line was too long so we went to tgifridays instead and ate some dinner cuz i hadn't eaten all day . then dropped them off met up with bryan and miller and just sat in a c ar for like 20 minute we were bored so we left them and made silly music video's in my car hah. then we were gonna get dunkin and go home but wen we got to dunkin we met up with andrew and doug and ended up staying with them for a while then went to the beach with them . which was insane cuz it was about 1 degree out. too fucken cold. then went home


i was unpleasantly woken up by my boss telling me i had to be at work asap cuz someone didn't show up . i had like no sleep. oh well. then went home took a nap and showered and junk. then about 8:30 went and picked up adam. we played wii sports(which i dominated in golf), watched return to oz, which is fucken creepy as hell i forgot how creepy it was, then listened to music and just bullshitted while we waited for his friends to pick him up. he's a really chill person.


had work at 8 am. then went home and napped cuz i never get enough sleep. Woke up picked up marissa went to road rummers. lots of good people there . we had the best flip cup team ever. we were dominating. then we left went to embassy diner cuz apparently that has been our diner for years according to previous livejournal entries hah and got cheese fries and met weird cops hah. the picked up justin went to beerys for a little then went home and now im up to date.... this is probably the most boring thing to read but i really enjoy looking back and seeing what i was doing with my life so im gonna keep up with it

<3333 niki

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